Our Story

Bentronix began operation in 1984 incorporated in Huntsburg, OH by Peter & Millie Benins.  Our origin was based on the need of a local industry for industrial instrumentation for their production machines.  Over the years we have been distributors for many instrument manufactures, and retrofitted many instruments in machines for the local plastic, rubber, and assorted manufacturing companies.  A natural progression of the instrumentation and control industry lead us to assist customers with replacement of old discrete controls.  Many of our retrofits included the introduction of PLC control systems as well as installing data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Meet the Team

We believe the most important part of our business is our staff.  And the most important thing for our staff is family.  Therefore we work with each employee to assist with their individual needs.  I believe the family that plays together stays together.

Blan Pic

Brian Lanstrum


Began Working for Bentronix in 1986.  Graduated from Auburn Career Center in 1986 with a Certificate in Industrial Electonics. Received an AAS in Electrical Engineering Technologies from Lakeland CC in 1991.


Peter Benins


Founded Bentronix in 1984.


Gail Flowers Jr


Graduated from Howland High School in 2006. Received an AAS in Mechanical Engineering from ITT in 2008. Served Four years in U.S. Air Force and recieved an AAS in Electrical Technologies from CCAF. Began working for Bentronix in 2010.